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I have been in real estate for 25 + years from owner of a 22-agent office to management and more. Rehabbing and flipping houses before they became the norm was something I did with a partner.

I have negotiated short sales, written up land contracts, and participated in “rent-to-own” contracts. Creative financing was a regular staple in my vocabulary of contractual terms.

I’ve been awarded the Masters Ruby level and Multi-Million dollar level award for sales and achieved “Quality Service” and “Pinnacle Quality Service Award” for customer service.

My education is furthered by attending sales and personal marketing courses given by Tony Robbins, Floyd Wickman, Darryl Davis, Mike Ferry, and Craig Proctor.

My street experience allows me to give you my first-hand advice as compared to “theory”.

I consider myself a student in the ever-changing course called “Real Estate”.


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